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2011 is just around the corner. With a New Year upon us, most are thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. What would you like to improve? There are so many choices when it comes to your New Year’s resolutions. But there’s one you can make that will help you every day and in every way. Make air quality your 2011 New Year’s resolution.

When you make air quality your 2011 New Year’s resolution, you are choosing to commit to improving the air quality in your life and others. You know just how important air quality is for your life and those around you. Better air quality means a better quality of life and improved health in so many ways.

Research study after research study show that exhaust, soot and smog cause negative health effects. The solution is to improve air quality in any way you can. For some the idea of improving air quality is overwhelming. We look up into the sky and see how vast it is and wonder, “How can I make a difference?” But you can make a difference. You can help to improve the air quality and help others just like you to breathe a bit easier each and every day.

One of the best things about working to improve air quality is this is something that will continue to improve lives. Many of the changes you can make to improve air quality will only continue to make improvements. Plant a garden and it will help to clean the air as it grows. That is not only a day or week’s worth of improvement – but as long as that garden is growing. Plant a tree and tend to it and that tree can help with clean air too. Look for ways to make small steps toward clean air, knowing that they will make a daily difference and continue to make improvements each day. There is always something you can do.

Get involved in your community and find out what is important when it comes to clean air. Your local government and clean air organizations can tell you what the air quality is like and what the concerns are. Consider volunteering and getting involved where you can. Helping as a volunteer and doing your part can help to improve clean air. This is a great benefit for clean air and reducing air pollution.

Make 2011 your year to make air quality a New Year’s resolution. Just imagine the difference you can make in your community, family and beyond when you make air quality your New Year’s resolution!


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Is your child having a sleepover? This is a fun and exciting time. Many children enjoy having a friend sleepover at their house for the weekend or an evening. It is a time to play games, do activities and become better friends. But if your child has an air filter, you’ll want to be sure their friend understands how important the air filter is.

A friend that sleeps over is likely a close friend. That’s not an activity to do with a new friend. So the friend probably knows your child has allergies or asthma. Many children today have allergies or asthma. The friend may know a bit about allergies or asthma from their other friends, brothers or sisters or family members. While they may not have seen an air filter, they may very well understand the need for it.

Explain what setting the air filter should have and why it needs that setting. That the air filter may make a tiny bit of noise but that is okay. Some children when they sleep over are startled by a different home making different noises. But if something is explained to them, they feel comforted. Explaining this ahead of time will make them feel much better.

Tell the friend that the air filter makes the air cleaner so your son or daughter finds it easier to breathe. You don’t have to go into great detail about air quality, but most children will understand that children with allergies or asthma have trouble breathing. So a machine that makes air easier to breathe makes a lot of sense.

Let the friend know not to put a drink, snack or anything on the machine. That they shouldn’t knock into the machine or play in front of it to possibly tip it over. That the machine basically isn’t a toy. Explaining this in simple terms that are easy for any child to understand is very helpful. Let them know where in the room they could put down a snack or a drink or where they should play. This way they will know exactly what they can do.

The friend may think the air filter is a little “weird” or “odd” at first but remind your child that they don’t have one so this is a different experience for them. Let them tell the friend that they sleep better and breathe easier with the machine. As the friend sleeps over, they may sleep deeper and sounder than they have slept in awhile. That alone may make them realize how great having an air filter is.

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Are you staying with family this summer vacation? If you’re like most allergy and asthma sufferers, you probably can’t imagine a weekend or week away from your air filter. You know you won’t sleep as well or be as comfortable. It’s so frustrating! Well it doesn’t have to be that hard – did you know you actually can bring your air filter with you when you stay with family on summer vacation? Just try our air filter etiquette tips before you show up at their door with your air filter in hand.

The typical host/hostess wants their guests to be comfortable in their home. If you leave your air filter at home you probably will be uncomfortable with your allergies. An air filter easily fits in the corner of a room, doesn’t make a lot of noise and won’t disturb anyone. From most points of view, this is a low-key request to make to ask to bring your air filter along. Some guests might feel most comfortable offering to pay a little towards the electric bill because they are plugging something in – though your air filter doesn’t use that much electricity. Still it is a thoughtful thing to do for your host and they will appreciate the gesture.

Take responsibility for your air filter during the vacation. Once you have gotten the “yes” to bring your air filter, take the responsibility of managing it during the vacation. Ask where you should plug it in and put it exactly where they tell you to. Remind young children it is not a toy and won’t offer any type of entertainment. Tell your host or hostess how to turn it on or off in case they wish to do so. While you might leave your air filter on all the time, your host or hostess may wish you to turn it off while you are out during the day. Follow their wishes in their home.

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Pack your air filter gently for travel for summer vacation. A box and some towels for cushioning are a good choice. Lying it flat or on its side can also be useful. Don’t let your air filter slide around in the car. It should be secure and not bounce. It also should not have the hot sun on it all the time, cover it with something. Your air filter is an expensive device; you’ll want to cover it to protect it from prying eyes as you travel, stop for gas and food along the way.

Remember to bring an extra air filter with you. There’s something stressful about summer vacations for many of us. It seems we always forget to do something or leave something behind. Bring an extra air filter so if your air filter is ready to be changed, you can easily do that. It may be hard to find your air filter quickly on your summer vacation. This also will help keep you comfortable.

Enjoy your summer vacation!

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Posted on 26-05-2012
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Know a happy graduate this year? Many times when we think of a traditional graduation gift, we try to think of something that will offer wisdom, encourage them on their professional path of success or welcome them into adult life. Some graduates find a big shiny red bow on a new car or a vacation to a spot they’ve always wanted to visit. Other graduates receive a subscription to the local newspaper, so they can read the Help Wanted ads and learn about current events. But one of the best ways you can say “Happy Graduation” is by giving an air filter. Let’s talk about why this is the perfect gift for any graduate you know.

It improves their quality of life. You simply can’t say this about every gift. There’s something wonderful about giving a gift you know is going to make someone feel good, each and every day. Even if that person is in good health and top conditioning, we all know that we can do more to maintain that good health. Giving an air filter means that graduate will get deep sleep every night. They will breathe fully and relaxed, day and night. They will focus better and concentrate better. In so many ways this improves their quality of life.

An air filter is long lasting. One of the best things about giving this gift, is that ten or fifteen years from now they’ll still be enjoying it. An air filter needs a little TLC; you need to replace the air filters regularly and to follow its instructions. But it is not a terribly fussy machine, not one that will always be making visits to the repair shop.

Everyone can enjoy it. When you give an air filter to a graduate, everyone in that family can enjoy it. Wherever the air filter is, their family and friends can enjoy it. They too will breathe purer and cleaner air. This is a great asset and benefit for many. Not every gift you choose is one that can be shared so easily.

A gift that many will easily appreciate. Not everyone will admit it, but often shopping for that new graduate can be a bit of a challenge. We don’t always follow the latest music or fashion trends. We don’t always know what is “in” or “out.” But no matter that graduate’s personality, style and tastes, an air filter is something that so many will enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to breathe better air? It’s something that just about everyone would agree too, especially if that new graduate suffers from allergies or asthma. But even if they don’t have allergies or asthma, an air filter offers so many benefits; they will appreciate your thoughtfulness everyday.

The perfect “group” or family gift. If you are looking for a gift to give as a group or a family to the new graduate, an air filter is a perfect choice. It is a high quality, long lasting gift they will use each day and appreciate. It is also a gift choice that each gift giver will say “Yes” and agree this is a great choice in a gift for the gift recipient.

Graduations are special, and they deserve to be celebrated. Whether this is a high school graduation, college graduation or graduation for an advanced degree like medical school or for a doctorate, you’ll want to do something to say Congratulations to that new graduation. The gift of an air filter is the ideal choice for any graduate you know!

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Santa And Me : The Group

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Have you been Naughty or Nice this year? It’s time to ask Santa what you want for Christmas and don’t you want to ask for what you really, really want? Ask Santa for the gift of wellness: an air purifier. With your air filter you’ll sleep sounder, breathe easier and enjoy the gift of wellness each and every day.

The holidays are a perfect time to ask for an air purifier. So many come down with colds or flu during this wintertime season. Your air filter can help you to feel more comfortable if you do come down with a sniffle or a bug. It may also help you to avoid catching something too. Air filters help you breathe a higher quality air, they get rid of dust, mold and other contaminants. Getting rid of these contaminants can help you to breathe easier and to not catch that bug that is going around in your family or the one you know is going around the office.

An air filter can make for a great surprise gift – especially for the person whose wanted one all year. It comes in a large box, ideal for guessing and wondering what is in the box. Some gift givers may want to give little clues about what is in the box, to get the gift recipient curious about the surprise gift. The air filter is such a fun gift for so many.

One of the best things about asking for an air purifier at the holidays is that your entire family or office can go in on this as a group gift. The air filter makes a great group gift from the family or office for that loved one concerned about wellness. It is a luxury gift that is both practical and very convenient. What other gift could Santa send that you would use and appreciate every day? While not everyone has an air filter, it is easy to see why everyone would want one. Your air filter can offer you comfort and soothing relief.

We don’t think you have to drop lots of hints to get the air filter of your dreams. Try leaving a catalog page folded down or email a website page to someone you know. Most people who are giving a gift will readily admit they do want to know what the person hopes to receive. Buying gifts can be so difficult and we all hope to get our loved ones gifts they will enjoy. An air filter is the perfect gift that everyone will appreciate.

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