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2011 is just around the corner. With a New Year upon us, most are thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. What would you like to improve? There are so many choices when it comes to your New Year’s resolutions. But there’s one you can make that will help you every day and in every way. Make air quality your 2011 New Year’s resolution.

When you make air quality your 2011 New Year’s resolution, you are choosing to commit to improving the air quality in your life and others. You know just how important air quality is for your life and those around you. Better air quality means a better quality of life and improved health in so many ways.

Research study after research study show that exhaust, soot and smog cause negative health effects. The solution is to improve air quality in any way you can. For some the idea of improving air quality is overwhelming. We look up into the sky and see how vast it is and wonder, “How can I make a difference?” But you can make a difference. You can help to improve the air quality and help others just like you to breathe a bit easier each and every day.

One of the best things about working to improve air quality is this is something that will continue to improve lives. Many of the changes you can make to improve air quality will only continue to make improvements. Plant a garden and it will help to clean the air as it grows. That is not only a day or week’s worth of improvement – but as long as that garden is growing. Plant a tree and tend to it and that tree can help with clean air too. Look for ways to make small steps toward clean air, knowing that they will make a daily difference and continue to make improvements each day. There is always something you can do.

Get involved in your community and find out what is important when it comes to clean air. Your local government and clean air organizations can tell you what the air quality is like and what the concerns are. Consider volunteering and getting involved where you can. Helping as a volunteer and doing your part can help to improve clean air. This is a great benefit for clean air and reducing air pollution.

Make 2011 your year to make air quality a New Year’s resolution. Just imagine the difference you can make in your community, family and beyond when you make air quality your New Year’s resolution!


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Looking out the window I see the tiny green leaves of my daffodils peeping through. A happy sign of spring I’ve been looking forward to, especially with all of this snow. But if you have asthma or allergies, spring is a season we must always prepare for. It’s the season when we allergy and asthma sufferers face weeks of pollen. Are you ready for spring?

Your air filter purifier can be a big help to you during spring allergy season, but you’ve got to help it help you. Not being prepared for spring allergy season will only overwork your already hardworking air filter machine. Your air filter machine is prepared to work hard for you – but expecting it to do more than its fair share simply isn’t practical planning. Now is the time to do some easy spring cleaning and get ready for the coming spring season.

If you suffer from pollen allergies or asthma then you know that pollen can be tracked into the house. So it is not just the pollen outdoors, it is the pollen that can come indoors. Take the time now to be sure your vacuum cleaner is in top notch working order. Get extra vacuum cleaner bags if your model uses them. And now is the perfect time for a top to bottom thorough vacuuming. Take the time to vacuum every room in your home, to remove excess dust or any potential allergens. You want to be ready for the coming pollen.

Check your air filter machine and be sure it is working properly. Can you use all of the different speeds and settings? Now is also the time to order extra air filters, before spring allergy season is upon us. Don’t be shy about spending a few dollars for rush shipping. Better to spend five or ten dollars more to have the air filter when you need them, than to suffer needlessly for a week or more while waiting for your new air filter to arrive.

While spring is warmer, many of us wear a light jacket or sweater during the season. To keep the pollen down, wash your coat and/or sweater regularly. Pollen will fall on you and your clothing. If you are wearing something regularly, pollen will stick around and fall in your home, causing you further aggravation.

Finally consider getting a second air filter purifier machine to make spring much more comfortable. Most of us find spring comfortable with our air filter machines but imagine if you had another air filter machine for the living room, den, home office or other room you use regularly? You’d probably enjoy your home even more.

The BioGS SPA-421A Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier by RabbitAir is a good choice.

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Is your child having a sleepover? This is a fun and exciting time. Many children enjoy having a friend sleepover at their house for the weekend or an evening. It is a time to play games, do activities and become better friends. But if your child has an air filter, you’ll want to be sure their friend understands how important the air filter is.

A friend that sleeps over is likely a close friend. That’s not an activity to do with a new friend. So the friend probably knows your child has allergies or asthma. Many children today have allergies or asthma. The friend may know a bit about allergies or asthma from their other friends, brothers or sisters or family members. While they may not have seen an air filter, they may very well understand the need for it.

Explain what setting the air filter should have and why it needs that setting. That the air filter may make a tiny bit of noise but that is okay. Some children when they sleep over are startled by a different home making different noises. But if something is explained to them, they feel comforted. Explaining this ahead of time will make them feel much better.

Tell the friend that the air filter makes the air cleaner so your son or daughter finds it easier to breathe. You don’t have to go into great detail about air quality, but most children will understand that children with allergies or asthma have trouble breathing. So a machine that makes air easier to breathe makes a lot of sense.

Let the friend know not to put a drink, snack or anything on the machine. That they shouldn’t knock into the machine or play in front of it to possibly tip it over. That the machine basically isn’t a toy. Explaining this in simple terms that are easy for any child to understand is very helpful. Let them know where in the room they could put down a snack or a drink or where they should play. This way they will know exactly what they can do.

The friend may think the air filter is a little “weird” or “odd” at first but remind your child that they don’t have one so this is a different experience for them. Let them tell the friend that they sleep better and breathe easier with the machine. As the friend sleeps over, they may sleep deeper and sounder than they have slept in awhile. That alone may make them realize how great having an air filter is.

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“Trick or Treat!” is one of our favorite sayings at Halloween time. Children love saying it when they demand candy at the door. The possibility that they would do some type of silly trick if they don’t get candy – makes the evening seem even more silly. Having the children be in charge instead of the adults. But with your air filter you don’t want to play “Trick or Treat,” wondering if it is going to work or not. Here are a few helpful tips to keep that air filter always a real treat to have, especially during the fall allergy season.

Have extra air filters on hand. This is one of our most important tips and we’ve given it before. We’re giving it again, it’s that critical for you to know. You always want to have a clean, fresh air filter ready to put into your air purifier machine. You don’t want to be put in the situation of running out of air filters when you are suffering from allergies or asthma. Who needs to be uncomfortable when your air filter can be so helpful, especially during the fall allergy season? Having those extra air filters on hand can really make a big difference.

Don’t stack things on top of your air filter. We know it is so easy for you to stack or drape things on top of things in any room. That stationary bicycle becomes the perfect place to drape the next morning’s outfit. The top of the television is the best place to put your library books to return tomorrow. Before you know it, you’ve got all kinds of stacks all over the place! The one place you really don’t want to stack is your air filter. This is a hardworking and sensitive machine. Don’t get in its way while it is trying to do its job for you. Treat your air filter with respect and it will always work hard for you. Treat it like a towel rack and the towel may get in the way of the air filter’s job. You always want your air filter to be able to give you its best performance, not to be trying to do two things at once.

Keep the air filter in a convenient place. One of the best places you can keep your air filter? Where it isn’t going to get in your way. For each of us that’s a different place. Some of us that may be a corner of the room. For some that may be right next to your closet. Whatever your choice you want to be sure it is away enough from the wall to work and not too close to other furniture so it has a clear path to clean the air. Look around your room for that free spot or where you can move furniture to find that clear spot for it. You’ll find a good place for it.

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As summer comes to an end this only means one thing for allergy and asthma sufferers: the beginning of the fall allergy season! Are you ready? For some allergy and asthma sufferers, the fall allergy season can be even tougher than the heat and humidity of summer – or the high pollen count of spring. One great tool to beat the fall allergy season is your home air purifier.

Using an air filter regularly can help keep you comfortable during fall allergy season. If ragweed and other fall allergens make you wheeze, sneeze and sniff – you want your air to be as clean and filtered as possible. Ragweed and other fall allergens can come into your home – in your hair, on your clothing and on your pets! Take the time to wash your hair daily, remove your jacket or sweater (wash regularly – ideally in hot water) and to groom your pets regularly to remove fall allergens. This can help your air filter do a good job for you this fall allergy season.

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Your air filter can do a lot for you this fall. As the temperatures cool, people tend to spend more time indoors. Outdoor activities are popular but most spend the majority of their time indoors. Keep extra air filter refills available, ready to install if your air filter needs one this season. A fresh air filter refill can make a great difference in the performance of your air filter.

If your allergies are worse than before, check with your allergist or doctor about remedies. Allergy shots or antihistamines can be quite helpful to many who suffer during this season – when prescribed under a doctor’s care. In some areas of the U.S.A., the fall allergy season can be severe and allergy and asthma sufferers must use everything available to them to feel comfortable.

Remember that simply vacuuming and dusting your house regularly – especially during allergy season – can make a big difference in the performance of your machine. During allergy season, your air filter is working hard to remove ragweed and other allergens from the air. If your house is also dusty, it has to work even harder to clean the air. Why not help your air filter where you can by vacuuming and dusting regularly – try once or twice a week during heavy allergy season. You’ll find your air filter can manage allergy season well when you work with it as a team!

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