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As summer comes to an end this only means one thing for allergy and asthma sufferers: the beginning of the fall allergy season! Are you ready? For some allergy and asthma sufferers, the fall allergy season can be even tougher than the heat and humidity of summer – or the high pollen count of spring. One great tool to beat the fall allergy season is your home air purifier.

Using an air filter regularly can help keep you comfortable during fall allergy season. If ragweed and other fall allergens make you wheeze, sneeze and sniff – you want your air to be as clean and filtered as possible. Ragweed and other fall allergens can come into your home – in your hair, on your clothing and on your pets! Take the time to wash your hair daily, remove your jacket or sweater (wash regularly – ideally in hot water) and to groom your pets regularly to remove fall allergens. This can help your air filter do a good job for you this fall allergy season.

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Your air filter can do a lot for you this fall. As the temperatures cool, people tend to spend more time indoors. Outdoor activities are popular but most spend the majority of their time indoors. Keep extra air filter refills available, ready to install if your air filter needs one this season. A fresh air filter refill can make a great difference in the performance of your air filter.

If your allergies are worse than before, check with your allergist or doctor about remedies. Allergy shots or antihistamines can be quite helpful to many who suffer during this season – when prescribed under a doctor’s care. In some areas of the U.S.A., the fall allergy season can be severe and allergy and asthma sufferers must use everything available to them to feel comfortable.

Remember that simply vacuuming and dusting your house regularly – especially during allergy season – can make a big difference in the performance of your machine. During allergy season, your air filter is working hard to remove ragweed and other allergens from the air. If your house is also dusty, it has to work even harder to clean the air. Why not help your air filter where you can by vacuuming and dusting regularly – try once or twice a week during heavy allergy season. You’ll find your air filter can manage allergy season well when you work with it as a team!

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Are you staying with family this summer vacation? If you’re like most allergy and asthma sufferers, you probably can’t imagine a weekend or week away from your air filter. You know you won’t sleep as well or be as comfortable. It’s so frustrating! Well it doesn’t have to be that hard – did you know you actually can bring your air filter with you when you stay with family on summer vacation? Just try our air filter etiquette tips before you show up at their door with your air filter in hand.

The typical host/hostess wants their guests to be comfortable in their home. If you leave your air filter at home you probably will be uncomfortable with your allergies. An air filter easily fits in the corner of a room, doesn’t make a lot of noise and won’t disturb anyone. From most points of view, this is a low-key request to make to ask to bring your air filter along. Some guests might feel most comfortable offering to pay a little towards the electric bill because they are plugging something in – though your air filter doesn’t use that much electricity. Still it is a thoughtful thing to do for your host and they will appreciate the gesture.

Take responsibility for your air filter during the vacation. Once you have gotten the “yes” to bring your air filter, take the responsibility of managing it during the vacation. Ask where you should plug it in and put it exactly where they tell you to. Remind young children it is not a toy and won’t offer any type of entertainment. Tell your host or hostess how to turn it on or off in case they wish to do so. While you might leave your air filter on all the time, your host or hostess may wish you to turn it off while you are out during the day. Follow their wishes in their home.

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Pack your air filter gently for travel for summer vacation. A box and some towels for cushioning are a good choice. Lying it flat or on its side can also be useful. Don’t let your air filter slide around in the car. It should be secure and not bounce. It also should not have the hot sun on it all the time, cover it with something. Your air filter is an expensive device; you’ll want to cover it to protect it from prying eyes as you travel, stop for gas and food along the way.

Remember to bring an extra air filter with you. There’s something stressful about summer vacations for many of us. It seems we always forget to do something or leave something behind. Bring an extra air filter so if your air filter is ready to be changed, you can easily do that. It may be hard to find your air filter quickly on your summer vacation. This also will help keep you comfortable.

Enjoy your summer vacation!

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Posted on 12-11-2013
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For allergy and asthma sufferers – the hot summer weather can be brutal. Trying to stay cool is important during the summer. Your air filter can help you to be more comfortable during the summer months – if you help it to do a good job for you.

Stay properly hydrated. Many people are dehydrated without realizing it. Caffeinated soda, coffee and tea actually do not hydrate you but dehydrate you – making you feel more thirsty and sometimes other symptoms of dehydration like tired or a headache. The best “energy drink” especially during the summer is water. Be sure to drink plenty of water and carry a bottle of water with you on-the-go so you’ve always got some to drink. Staying hydrated is a key step to helping your body stay cool in the heat.

Use fans or your air conditioner. If you have a fan or air conditioner, summertime is the ideal time to use these. You don’t have to run up a huge electric bill, running them on “high” all the time. Wear light and loose clothing indoors and don’t sleep with blankets. Keep windows and doors closed as you run the fan or air conditioner to keep your home cool.

Running your air filter will give you cleaner air to breathe and will make you more comfortable overall. Remember to clean the air filter in your air conditioner and to gently wipe down the blades of your fan (unplugged) so you aren’t circulating dust into the air. This tip alone will have you beating the heat and feeling much more comfortable in the summertime with your allergies and asthma. Try to keep an extra air filter on hand so if you want to change air filters, you don’t have to wait for one to be delivered – you’ve got one readily available to you easily and quickly.

Eat light and cool meals. Most people don’t want to cook much during the summer. Take advantage of all of the yummy summer fruits and vegetables. Eat cold summer salads with protein in them. Lighter meals will help you stay cool.

By staying cool your allergies and asthma will likely feel more comfortable. Many allergy and asthma sufferers feel uncomfortable in the heat and humidity. Enjoy summer, stay hydrated and cool – and your allergies won’t get you down!

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Posted on 01-09-2013
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Looking out the window I see the tiny green leaves of my daffodils peeping through. A happy sign of spring I’ve been looking forward to, especially with all of this snow. But if you have asthma or allergies, spring is a season we must always prepare for. It’s the season when we allergy and asthma sufferers face weeks of pollen. Are you ready for spring?

Your air filter purifier can be a big help to you during spring allergy season, but you’ve got to help it help you. Not being prepared for spring allergy season will only overwork your already hardworking air filter machine. Your air filter machine is prepared to work hard for you – but expecting it to do more than its fair share simply isn’t practical planning. Now is the time to do some easy spring cleaning and get ready for the coming spring season.

If you suffer from pollen allergies or asthma then you know that pollen can be tracked into the house. So it is not just the pollen outdoors, it is the pollen that can come indoors. Take the time now to be sure your vacuum cleaner is in top notch working order. Get extra vacuum cleaner bags if your model uses them. And now is the perfect time for a top to bottom thorough vacuuming. Take the time to vacuum every room in your home, to remove excess dust or any potential allergens. You want to be ready for the coming pollen.

Check your air filter machine and be sure it is working properly. Can you use all of the different speeds and settings? Now is also the time to order extra air filters, before spring allergy season is upon us. Don’t be shy about spending a few dollars for rush shipping. Better to spend five or ten dollars more to have the air filter when you need them, than to suffer needlessly for a week or more while waiting for your new air filter to arrive.

While spring is warmer, many of us wear a light jacket or sweater during the season. To keep the pollen down, wash your coat and/or sweater regularly. Pollen will fall on you and your clothing. If you are wearing something regularly, pollen will stick around and fall in your home, causing you further aggravation.

Finally consider getting a second air filter purifier machine to make spring much more comfortable. Most of us find spring comfortable with our air filter machines but imagine if you had another air filter machine for the living room, den, home office or other room you use regularly? You’d probably enjoy your home even more.

The BioGS SPA-421A Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier by RabbitAir is a good choice.

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I have a confession to make: I didn’t follow my own advice. You may remember from previous blogs that I’ll encourage you to order your air filter refills ahead of time – so you aren’t without your home air purifier.

Well I got busy and simply forgot to order my air filter refill! And by the time I realized I needed a refill, the current air filter was finished. So I decided to take the days it would take for my air filter to come as an opportunity: what would life be like without my air filter?

Creative Commons License photo credit: gogoloopie

I think one of the biggest things I noticed was my sleep. I had more trouble settling down and going to sleep without the air filter. When I woke up, I also seemed less rested.

The other thing I noticed – and I’ve never seen any other research to back this up – was that my air-conditioned room seemed less cool. Somehow, when the air filter and the air conditioning were running together, I could put the air conditioner on “low” and the room would be frosty cold. But without the air filter, often I’d need to crank it up to “high” to get that same effect. With my air filter there have been times – even in these very hot NorthEast summer days (90 plus degree heat and humidity) where I had turned my air conditioner off and just let the air filter run on its own. Again, I’ve seen no other research mentioned on that. But I thought it was a very interesting thing to notice.

The air in my room seemed “okay” but lost a lot of the crispness I was used to. Things like cooking smells from the kitchen would waft into my room. Not unpleasant smells, just things that the air filter normally would filter out.

When my new air filter refill came, I happily popped it into my unit and turned it on. I was somewhat relieved this “experiment” was over – as I already knew what I’d assumed: life with your air filter is far more pleasant. I sleep deeper and feel more comfortable.

And you’ll be relieved to know I did follow my own advice and ordered two air filter refills at the same time. So I’ve got a backup waiting for me. No more “experiments” for me!

You don’t need to run this experiment to know that an air filter gives you great benefits. And don’t put yourself in the position where you’ve run out of air filters and you have to go without. Order two or three air filters at once – you’ll also save on shipping and handling costs! It’s a great convenience knowing you’ve got your air filter refills waiting for you, ready to use. This past week has been an experience I wouldn’t want to repeat any time soon.

Try these helpful tips to keep you from experimenting:

Ordering an air filter machine for the first time? Order two air filter refills at the same time. You’ll likely be replacing the air filter every three months or so, depending on use. Your machine should come with one air filter refill – and those two air filters will get you through most of the coming year.

Need an air filter refill? Order several at a time. We suggest ordering two to four at a time. You’ll save on shipping and handling. Four air filter refills and you’ll have enough air filter refills to get through the coming year (depending on usage). Keep them in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures.

Write down your air filter machine number and the air filter refill number in your address book and other convenient locations. This way you’re always ready to reorder quickly. Many put off reordering because they just don’t have this information at their fingertips. Get organized and you’ll be glad you’ve got it exactly where you need it!

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